Animal Feed Additive Range

With current fodder and concentrate prices, there has never been a more important time to have the animals’ rumen running smoothly as every kg of live weight is essential. Liffey Mills have two completely unique and exclusive feed additives included in our premium range of feeds. Both additives are formulated to maintain rumen stability and in turn increase live weight gains.


    Additive based on plant extracts and essential oils that manage the micro flora in the animal’s rumen, creating a better rumen environment and allowing for maximum energy absorption, which in turn can increase daily live weight gain by up to 13%. This product comes as standard in our Continental Beef Ration and our Beef Boom Cube.


    Optigest is a complete mineral package that supplies all the trace element and vitamin requirements to animals on high feed levels. Its unique formulation includes Probiotics, Yeasts & a slow release buffer, all aimed at raising and stabilising the rumen pH for animals that are on high concentrate diets for long periods of time. e.g. ad-lib feeding. This is a 30kg pack and is included as standard in our Turbo Maize Ration and Max-Score Ad-lib Cube. This product can also be purchased as a farm pack for individuals mixing their own feeds.

    For more information contact your local Liffey Mills branch or technical sales advisor.

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