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Balancer Ration

These rations are produced for home mixing with barley. There are two balancers available:

Balancer 50/50 is a 22% protein mix designed to feed 1 part barley and 1 part balancer.

Balancer 38% is a 38% protein mix designed to feed 4 parts barley and 1 part balancer.

In addition to the Hi Pro soya bean meal as the main source of top quality protein it also contains extra high levels of minerals and vitamins ensuring you achieve adequate intake.

Liffey Mills also produce Maize Beef and Fodder Beet balancer rations, these rations are designed to be used in conjunction with Maize or Fodder Beet feeding, levels of balancer used will be dependent on feeding levels of Maize or Fodder Beet.

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