Pedigree Ration

Liffey Mills pedigree ration is tailor made for the high genetic merit animal, it contains a broad spectrum of only high quality ingredients including flaked Barley, hi-pro soya bean, flaked maize, beans and peas. This formulation combined with a range of specialist additives guarantees optimum growth rates and muscle development. This ration is 17% protein and is designed to encourage frame size and growth early on in the animals life. With the carefully selected ingredients used in this mix, it leads to a crunchy coarse ration which is very palatable and allows for consistently high consumption from an early age. it also contains Levucell SC Rumen Specific Live Yeast aiding higher feed intake with minimal risk of digestive upsets.

The inclusion of our select pedigree mineral, complimented with Liffey Mills OPTIGEST is essential to assist and sustain superior performance and ultimately health.
The mineral pre-mix contains:


  • Methionine is the first limiting amino acid for ruminants.
  • Improves feed intake.
  • Role in improving skin and hair condition.


Feeding chelated zinc improves hoof condition and makes the hoof harder. This is particularly important where animals are being fed large quantities of concentrate. High concentrate feeding tends to soften feet thus increasing the risk of injury.


  • Feeding lactose provides a better rumen environment for the rumen bugs.
  • Helps reduce risk of acidosis
  • Improves feed intake


  • Improve rumen function
  • Improve coat condition


A pro-biotic organism used to raise the rumen ph and improve food conversion efficiency.


Animals fed high levels of concentrates often suffer from clinical or sub-clinical acidosis. Feeding a buffer reduces the risk of both. Some of the side effects of clinical or sub-clinical acidosis are:

  • Lameness
  • Reduced feed intake
  • The digestibility of the diet is reduced
  • Poor coat ( The hair loses its oil and becomes dry in appearance)
  • Poor thrive

The Science of OPTIGEST

Optigest has now also been added to our Pedigree ration, this is an additional mineral package exclusive to Liffey Mills designed to compliment our existing mineral pre-mix for complete trace element and vitamin requirements of high growth potential steers, heifers and bulls being fed on levels of meal 4kg and upwards.

The package includes: Aspergillus Orzae, this is a specific Pro-biotic organism which is extensively fed across Italy in commercial feedlots. The pro-biotic works to raise the rumen ph and improve daily gain and feed conversion efficiency (FCE).

Optigest also contains a uniquely formulated slow-release buffer which stabilises rumen ph over long periods, helping to avoid digestive upsets, and the inclusion of enhanced vitamins unique in Optigest ensures the promotion of good liver function.

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