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This cube is designed ideally for the breeding season. it has а protein of 13% and used in conjunction with а predominantly grazing system. Barley and Maize make up the top two ingredients in this cube hence supporting the cow with only the best energy sources оn the market. it contains protected minerals in the form of Copper, Selenium, Zinc and lodine, all very important components whilst in the breeding season and also contains cal-mag for а 2.5kg feed rate. With the inclusion of only the highest spec minerals and Yeast this cube still boasts а UFL of 0.93, proving that only top quality raw materials are used in the formation of this cube. The secret weapon in this cube is our Actisaf Live Yeast. This Live Yeast is included at high rates and in turn helps reduce the risk of S.A.R.A {Sub Acute Rumen Acidosis).

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