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This is an 19% cube with all the delicious attributes of our ration but cubed for those of you who prefer to feed a nut. This cube can be fed both pre and post lambing if desired and is an essential feed if lambing in the winter months.

Its inclusion of Vitagest will ensure that the ewe gets adequate intakes of selenium and vitamin E, vital for lamb vigour and the reproductive cycle.

Its high protein content is made up of only top quality proteins including toasted full fat soya, the toasting allows us to keep the soya rich in oil content increasing the energy value and thus boosting milk production early on in the lambs life.

The energy in this cube is delivered from native barley and oats and will maintain body condition score post lambing once complimented with high quality forages. This cube also contains full rate minerals in addition to the Vitagest.

The importance of VITAGEST

VitaGEST is an organic selenium with enhanced vitamin E that’s blended together in a pre-mix and included in our ewe & lamb ration and cube. Minerals play a very important role in a ewe’s diet, especially during pregnancy when their requirements actually increase for some minerals. The inclusion of enhanced vitamin E and selenium ensures:

  • Increased lamb vigour
  • Lambs stand and suckle earlier
  • Increased vitamin E in colostrum helps increase immunity
  • Lamb mortality rates decrease
  • Plays a preventative role against mastitis
  • Increased reproductive performance

Independent trials carried out in university college Dublin (UCD) have shown that feeding an organic selenium plays a vital role in the above mentioned characteristics. This trial also shows lamb growth rates improved by 6.5% and weighed 2 kgs heavier at 15 weeks of age.

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