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Elvor Calf Replacer

elvor sac-productNew & Exclusive to Liffey Mills “ELVOR PERFORMANCE” Complete Milk Replacer for Rearing Calves.

Elvor Performance allows high growth rates due to:

  • High Protein Content (25% Crude Protein)
  • Produced with Skimmed Milk Powder
  • Full range of Trace Elements and Vitamins that suit perfectly with the needs of the calf.
  • Use of high quality Dairy raw materials
  • Contains Large amounts of “Dairy Proteins” which are highly digestible

Skim Powders are recommended when accelerated growth, enhanced vitality and health are a priority. As a calf digests skim portion of the milk powder it produces elevated levels of specific proteins which have been shown to increase the calf’s natural immunity. The slow efficient digestion of the skim portion of the powder ensures that the calf is always content and satisfied.

Protein – A new-born calf is better able to digest milk proteins than plant protein sources. Milk proteins are the best sources for growth and development of calves and should provide most of the protein in a milk replacer. With increasing age calves develop better capacity to digest other proteins and so milk proteins become less important.

Feeding Rates of Elvor Milk Replacer:
250g of powder in 2.6Lt of water to make 3Lt of feed.

REMEMBER: This product is skim based and has higher protein than most of our competitors.

Milk Replacers / Colostrum / Electrolytes

Milk Replacers / Colostrum / Electrolytes
Maverick & Volac Milk Replacers are produced using unique filtration and evaporation processes which produce performance milk replacers designed to promote healthy, fast growth in young animals. All of these products are supported by a superb technical assistance team, helping us to help you get the most out of your livestock.

Milk Replacers include:

Milk Replacers / Colostrum / ElectrolytesVolac
Volac Heiferlac, Blossom Easymix, Olympian, Enerlac, Golden Maverick Tripple A, Once a Day with Water, Once a Day with Milk. Golden Frisky & Lamlac. Faramate (sow milk replacer). For a comprehensive breakdown on all of the above products, click on the following link –


Milkshake Despite the popular belief that milk is natures ‘perfect’ food, it is deficient in a number of important nutrients. Milkshake is a whole milk additive for calves and provides an easy option for improving the quality of the milk for feeding to calves by fortifying it with many essential nutrients. Milk is digested primarily by the formation of a curd by acids and enzymes that are produced in the stomach. When calves are fed large quantities of milk they may not be able to produce sufficient acids to digest the milk. Therefore some milk may escape to the lower gut where it is not digested properly. This may result in nutritional scour. Milkshake is acidified to assist the calf’s natural mechanism of milk digestion by supplementing the calf’s own production of acids in the stomach. Acidification results in a more desirable pH in the gastrointestinal tract and this may aid digestion in calves fed restricted or ad-libitum quantities of whole milk and allow for greater feed intake. Milkshake is made from 100% soluble ingredients, and is completely soluble in both milk and water.

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