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Growing Grain in Ireland

By Pat Ryan Grain growing in Ireland creates the lowest carbon footprint of any agricultural enterprise, there is an official target of 400,000ha of tillage increasing from our current area of 335,000ha, yet the sector is struggling.Competition from dairy farming caused by the ripple effect of requirement of more land by the dairy sector due

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Finishing Lambs

Finishing Store Lambs

Finishing Store Lambs By Conor Ryan Over the coming Autumn months, we will see a substantial increase in the number of lambs being finished. As we consider the different finishing strategies, the optimization of grazed grass is without doubt the low cost option available to us. In order to ensure this system works effectively grass

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Catch Crops

Catch Crops

Catch Crops By Jack Doherty The success of Catch or Cover crops is mainly based off the sowing date and establishment rate. Drilling the catch crop as soon after harvest as possible will give the crop its very best chance. The benefit of sowing cover crops can be seen at many angles: · Improving soil

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