Calf Milk Replacer, what should you feed this Spring?

By Mark Flannery & Willie Boland

As we look forward to 2024, milk prices appear to be strengthening and input prices stabilizing, this will be welcome after a turbulent 2023. With this in mind it most definitely makes sense to consider feeding Milk Powder over Whole Milk.

Liffey Mills can boast of taking almost 7% of the Irish Milk Powder market last year and we look forward to building our ELVOR Milk Replacer Brand and Product Range even more in 2024. Our Elvor Performance  is the bedrock of the brand, a 25% protein blend, in a 25kg bag, it won’t be beaten on either quality or price. Its contains both Skim and Whey, and 70% Dairy Proteins, it has been available on the Irish Market exclusively through Liffey Mills for the past seven years and at this stage has fed and reared multiple of hundreds of thousands of calves.

New to our calf milk replacer range, we introduced Elvor CONFOR in 2023, a 21% protein Milk Replacer, containing 50% Skim and 100% Dairy Proteins, this Milk Powder was both a rare and wonderful find. It also comes in 25kg bags and is the closest thing to “Mothers Milk” that’s available on the Irish Market. The reduced protein content reflects that of whole milk and because the proteins are 100% dairy, it makes them considerably more digestible and utilizable, hence the lower protein is more than sufficient to drive the same and better results in terms of growth and weight gain as other milk powders with higher protein content but of a lower digestibility.

We also offer Elvor ADAPTO, very popular in many countries throughout Europe, this “Transition” Milk is proving to be a growing market here in Ireland too. Elvor Adapto can be fed to calves from a couple of days of age if desired for a period of up to 14 days of age. Its also highly recommended for anyone purchasing calves from multiple locations or traveling long distances after purchase etc that they be fed on ADAPTO for a period of 7-14 days. This powder boasts of all the necessary elements to give a calf the absolute best start in life.  Mineral salts to restore electrolyte balance, stimulate water absorption in the gut and reduce the risk of acidosis, Adapto also contains Clay (Smectite) which acts as a gastrointestinal bandage and captures bacterial toxins. It boasts of Carob Flour which improves palatability and provides astringent effect. Adapto, scientifically proven to work, it also contains Fructooligosaccharids, these actually facilitate the development of the beneficial intestinal flora (Bifadobacteria:lactobacillus)  & stimulates the local immune system and increases the height of the intestinal villi. The package comes as standard with essential oils that have a natural antimicrobial effect against pathogens.

If in doubt about purchased calves or you don’t have access to a full history then ADAPTO is your insurance policy for this stressful period.

Our Elvor product range also extends to Electrolytes called “Elvor Digest”. Digest should be used where calves are suffering from diarrhoea or other digestive disturbances. Digest contains vast amounts of energies which are supplied by its sugar content; it boasts of mineral salts, Kaolin and Betaine, these are all aids that contribute to maintenance and protection of the intestine and liver function in difficult times.

Farmers also use Digest after purchasing calves as a preventative. Moving calves long distances and onto a new feed types and living environments in one go can be a very stressful time for calves, and so in order to help destress the calves it’s an ideal option to replace two consecutive feeds of milk with Digest, this allows for the calf to settle into its new environment whilst being supplied with fast and available energy during this 24 hour period.

For more information on our full Elvor product range and pricing contact your local branch, technical sales advisor or log onto and for testimonials on our Elvor Performance click into our Liffey Mills Youtube page.

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