At Liffey Mills we sell a complete range of chemical fertilisers that covers all types of farming enterprises including: Grassland, Potatoes, Fodder Beet, Maize and all types of Cereals.

Exclusive to Liffey Mills, we bring GEN Fertilisers to the market, giving the farmer more compound for less money

Below you can view a general chart of fertiliser requirements for different enterprises :


GEN Fertiliser Sweet 18's

Did you Know:

Over one third of Irish Soils are deficient in Sulphur, especially sandy, free draining soils, low in organic matter. Grass yields can be increased by as much as 30% over the growing season on Sulphur deficient soils. Yields of cereals and roots can also be increased on Sulphur deficient soils.

Basic Recommendations for Sulphur

Silage-15-20 units/acre/cut Grazing-15-20 units per acre over the growing season Cereals-12-15 units per acre Root Crops-20 units per acre

N.B. Sulphur should not be applied where it is not needed, or applied in excess of recommended rates as excess Sulphur can affect the uptake of Selenium and cause Copper deficiency in animals.

PLEASE NOTE: These recommendations are for general guidance only and DO NOT take into consideration any REPS, CROSS COMPLIANCE, DERIGATION or any other Regulations that exist for individual farmers, nor can these guidelines be classed as appropriate where soil samples have been taken. Also where Slurry or other Organic manures have been applied, allowances should be made for their nutrient content.

Liffey Mills accept no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage or any loss of value, profit, business, revenue, goodwill, yields or production which may arise by reference to any recommendation or information given in these charts.

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