Cubicle Lime Options

Cubicle Lime Options for this Housing Season

It is important to keep cubicle beds for cows clean and well maintained during housing when both dry and lactating cows are lying on them. They should be cleaned and dusted with a limestone mix twice daily to ensure optimal conditions. If conditions become wet on the beds this can lead to a massive increase in bacterial populations on the teats of the cow and can result in infection. The addition of hydrated lime and sawdust can increase pH (supressing bacterial activity) and maintain a dry bed for the cows.

We stock a product called Sanilie, a mix of 60% premium sawdust, 30% Limestone (10% Hydration) and 10% Limestone (30% Hydration) these are available in 650kg bags. We also stock standard Cublic lime, Hydrated lime, ActiSan and White Rhino products. Contact your local branch for more details.

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