Dairy Beef 500 Program

By Mark Flannery & Willie Boland

Dairy Beef

Liffey Mills are delighted to announce that we are one of six major sponsors in this new Teagasc led initiative “Dairy Beef 500”. Following on from the Teagasc Green Acres Program that we were also part of for a number of years this new campaign is sure to be of interest to many thousands of farmers rearing dairy calves to beef. Teagasc in conjunction with its stakeholders will run this program for a 5 year period with a big focus on maximising the potential of beef production from the dairy herd. The aim of Dairy Beef 500 is to promote and demonstrate Dairy Beef systems, which are socially, environmentally and financially sustainable.

  • Targeting a net margin* of €500 per hectare
  • Creating greater integration between Beef and Dairy industries
  • Improving the beef merit of calves coming from the dairy herd
  • Increasing the adoption of best practices, especially in relation to grassland management
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of Dairy Beef production
  • Establishing a cohort of profitable Dairy Beef producers
  • Net Margin of €500/ha does not include farm family labour or land costs
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