Dairy Hygiene

Dairy Hygiene, Controlling SCC over the Summer Months

By Kevin Madden

Liffey Mills provide a comprehensive range of teat sprays to cater for all requirements. It is important to choose wisely between a quality spray and good value for money. Our 'SURE C' teat spray offers both. Sure C has a number of advantages over rival products. It contains cationic surfactants that act by disrupting cellular matter on the cows teat, while also preventing the ingress of pathogenic organisms into the teat canal by creating a physical barrier, preventing the spread of mastitis from an infected quarter to a non-infected quarter.

This chlorhexidine based spray also contains glycerine, which is derived from natural plant extracts. This acts as a moisturiser/skin conditioner ensuring cows teat are in the best possible condition, preventing cracking which in turn leads to fly irritation and the spread of disease. This ready to use teat spray can be used both pre and post milking and is available in both 25L drums, and 200L barrels as well as in IBC tanks. For further queries or advice on this or any other of our extensive range of dairy hygiene products including, caustic powder, liquid detergent, de-scaler, peracetic acid, milk liners etc. contact your local branch.

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