Feeding Ewes around Lambing

Feeding Ewes around Lambing

by Jack Doherty

Ewes should have adequate floor, trough and feed barrier space at all times and access to clean water. Thin ewes need to be separated now and fed additionally, as they will not be able to maintain condition while producing milk when they lamb down. It’s important to remember as the ewe approaches lambing her energy requirement goes up, while her Dry matter intake reduces – she needs more energy from the forage and concentrates that she is eating. Inadequate energy will reduce lamb performance and leave her at risk of twin lamb disease. The level of concentrate feeding is directly linked to Silage quality, the higher DMD (Dry matter Digestibility) silage the lower the concentrate requirement will be. It’s also worth noting that ewes being fed over 500g concentrate per head per day should be fed in 2 different feeds daily at least 8 hours apart or risk acidosis. Please contact your Liffey Mills advisor for more information on feeding rates, if necessary.

Liffey Mills Sheep ration is a complete pre lambing ration. 17% protein with generous levels of whole oats and rolled barley and rich protein sources as well as pre lambing mineral as standard. This in turn allows for good lamb birth weight, udder development and milk let down post lambing.

The Pre lambing diet is the best way to set up both ewe and lamb. Liffey Mills Ewe and Lamb ration is 18% protein, highly digestible and palatable. This will encourage milk production in ewes in the first 3 weeks of lambs’ life. We include Vitagest in our Ewe and Lamb ration which includes Organic Selenuim (for higher birth weight and better average daily gain) and extra Vitamin E (for greater immunity and its role in mastitis prevention) this additive ensures Lambs stand and suckle earlier which leads to increased productive performance.

Contact your local Liffey Mills rep for any further information.

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