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Liffey Mills stock a superb and wide range of Farm Plastics including:

  • Bale Wrap
  • Silage Covers
  • Round Bale Netting
  • Square and Round Bale Twines

Acorn Silotite & Green Valley bale wrap

Is a brand that has been around for years and that has been tried and tested by both farmer and contractor in over 40 countries world wide.

The benefits of Silotite:

  • Silotite has a unique two-sided tack. Each layer of film effectively sticks to the layer next to it, building up an increasingly airtight seal after wrapping. Plus, the same tack also ensures that film ‘tails’ adhere readily to the outside of the bale on completion of wrapping.
  • Silotite offers trouble free wrapping and better protection for wrapped bales; it is produced using specially formulated polymers. This not only gives it exceptional stretch strength and tear resistance, it also makes it ideal for use with the latest generation of high-speed, square bale and combination bale wrappers.
  • As any hole in a wrapped bale can hinder the ensiling process and encourage the growth of moulds that lead to bale spoilage, Silotite has been specifically developed with blown triple layer film to deliver greater puncture resistance. The protection it provides far surpasses that of lower quality bale wrapping films which can be prone to puncturing even when used with modern wrappers and handlers.
  • An important part of Silotite’s worldwide appeal is its ability to excel in almost any climate. In particular, it benefits from in-built UV inhibitors which help to prevent any film degradation when exposed to strong or direct sunlight.

Net Wrap

We are stockists of Acorn Tama Green Edge, Cover-net, Farmer Net and Tama Pro-Tec Edge. Farmers and Contractors alike have different needs and standards when it comes to Net Wrap, that’s why its only the purchaser can decide what suits him and his machine best.

The above makes are unique in size and can be purchased in 3000m, 3450m, 3600m and 4200 meter rolls.

Silage Covers

Our extensive range of silage pit covers include: (measurements in ft x ft)

  • 24 x 75  &  36 x 75
  • 42 x 75  &  46 x 80
  • 52 x 80 
  • 57 x 80 & 57 x 110
  • 60 x 80  &  60 x 100  &  60 x 120

Virgin heavy duty plastics

Farmers have control over the ensiling process however. Estimates of 25% wastage and higher have been recorded on silage pits in recent years around the country. Pit rolling is important but an airtight covering is essential so as to ensure an anaerobic fermentation and the production of sufficient lactic acid to preserve the forage. What has been going wrong in the past and how do we get this airtight covering? All the silage coverings on the Irish market up to now have been manufactured using high levels of recycled material. This gives the plastic an uneven surface which leads to inconsistencies in strength across the sheeting and means it can tear or rip easily.

It can also be porous leading to ingress of oxygen causing the onset of aerobic spoilage and development of yeasts and moulds, which result in deterioration of silage quality and loss of both nutrients and dry matter. Germinal hardware has recently launched the very first Virgin material plastic to the Irish market. Virgin plastic contains no recycled material and is therefore, 100% uniform from start to finish resulting in no weak points and consequently, no tearing or ripping. Tests carried out, known as the Dart Drop Measurement Test, show Virgin material capable of withstanding 3 times the impact of recycled material.

The average thickness variation of recycled material can be as high as 15% whereas the average thickness variation of Virgin plastic can be as low as 0.1%. As the case has been for the last number of years, high and volatile agricultural commodity prices are likely to prevail for the present. Therefore given the competitive climate farmers find themselves in currently, the opportunity to reduce wastage in your silage clamp by as much as 25% and ensure an anaerobic fermentation and the production of sufficient lactic acid to preserve quality forage, make Virgin material plastic a must have for all farmers going forward.

Sizes include:

  • 42 x 75,
  • 46 x 80,
  • 52 x 80,
  • 60 x 80,
  • 60 x 100,
  • 60 x 120,

Baler Twine

We stock a full range of baler twine for the small square baler, big square baler and round balers:

  • Acorn Round Baler Twine 23,000ft
  • Acorn Square Baler Twine 12,000ft
  • Red Setter Round & Square Baler Twine
  • Heston Baler twine 7,200 & 8600ft

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