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Animal Feed Supplier

Liffey Mills is one of the largest agricultural merchants and animal feed supplier in the Republic of Ireland. We specialise in the manufacture of animal feedstuffs and also provide both inputs and technical advice to our tillage customers and purchase their grain at harvest.

We operate from seven locations, including three animal feed mills and a toasting and flaking plant. We have grain handling and drying facilities on five of our sites.

We also sell fencing, hardware and gardening goods from our on-site farm shops.

Liffey Mills

Feed Manufacture:

Liffey Mills has always had the manufacture of quality coarse feeds at the bedrock of our business activity.We pride ourselves in the high inclusion rates of native grains (barley, wheat, oats) and locally grown protein sources (peas, beans).  We buy our grains locally from the farmer and we dry, clean, process them and use them at high inclusion rates to produce superior feeds for you the farmer.Our main mill is in Roscrea with plants also in Nenagh and Banagher.

Input Supply:

Liffey Mills are major retailers of fertiliserseedsagrochemicals and hardware.
We along with our haulage partners provide efficient delivery at competitive prices due to our scale of operation when it comes to purchasing either in our own right or through the Acorn Group, all which gives us more buying power to do better for you the customer.

Grain Purchasing:

Liffey Mills operates five grain intakes at harvest time and buys up to 60,000 tonnes of grain from local growers for use in our feed mills.  Our aim is to add value to every tonne of grain brought and it will add value to our customers operations due to the extra performance that tonne of feed will allow your stock to give you.

Toasting and Flaking of Ingredients:

Liffey Mills are a major player in the production of nutritionally enhanced toasted flaked feed ingredients.We not only supply our needs in our own mills, but also wholesale our products to most of the major feed manufacturers in the country.


Good products are only as good as the advice and guidance users receive.  We at Liffey Mills have a team of agronomists and feed specialists with years of both academic and practical experience who work closely with their farmer clients in such areas as crop production, dealing with crop choice, rotation, planning input use, timings, forward selling of grain, all which maximises the return to the farmer and ensures he will return to us next year.

Livestock Feeding:

Our feed specialists will devise feed programmes to maximise output, minimise nutritional problems, deal with any animal health and forage quality issues to work to produce the maximum bottom line for the customer.

Agri Hardware / Animal Health Products:

At each of our locations, we have well stocked hardware shops stocking all major lines of anything a farmer may need from tools, fencing material, crop packaging, garden items, electrical goods and water fittings.We also stock a full range of animal health and dairy hygiene products.In Shinrone, we specialise in structural steel, cladding, box tubular and angular steel, all aimed at the manufacture of farm and industrial buildings.We are happy to quote for sheds and can arrange erection.


This is a relatively new area for Liffey Mills.  Due to the availability of toasted flaked ingredients on site, we linked up with Pegus Horse Feeds in 2009 whereby we manufacture the  full range of Pegus coarse horse feed for the Republic of Ireland and we distribute the feed in Leinster, Connacht and outside the Dairygold catchment area in Munster.

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