November Tillage

November Tillage 2022

The vast majority of sowing has been completed even though the month of October was a difficult one due to the high volume of rain fail. Farmers were quick to act to ensure that any opportunity was taken to sow their winter crops! Wheat is probably the exception and will continue to be sown throughout the month, the latter being sown at a heavier sowing rate.   As temperatures are still extremely mild good crop emergence has been seen so far.  Due to this, early sown crops could be as far gone as four leaves and some at one to two leaves. This means an aphicide will be crucial to ensure protection from migrating aphids and threat of BYDV. A Pre emergence herbicide can also accompany the aphicide. Grass weed issues such as brome need to be tackled at this stage and a flufenacet based product such as firebird met would be the one of choice.  Also, another thing to keep an eye out for is the presence of pests in crops. The mild conditions have made ideal conditions for the rapid growth in the number of slugs.
Slugs will attack the fresh new growth of plants as its at its most vulnerable. A slug can produce up to two generations a year if soil conditions allow. A way of checking for slugs is placing a layer of mesh under a slate and check it the next morning. The threshold is four slugs so if you find four or more use slug pellets to protect your crop. Traxx is spread at 4kg/ha, Matarex at 5kg/ha and Gusto at 6kg/ha.  Crows are also a hindrance and something as simple as a crow banger or scarem kits can be purchased in all Liffey Mills branches. Contact your Liffey Mills agronomist to discuss any of the above in further detail.

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