Pre Calving Minerals

Pre-Calving Mineral Range

With the current price of milk it’s most likely the dry period will be shorter on many farms this winter than before. With this in mind, now is the time to assess your dry cow needs in terms of minerals. A hugely important spend on any farm but often an underestimated one until things go wrong. Minerals and mineral contents can be very challenging to understand and actually differentiate between an average and high quality one. Things to look at include:

Phosphorus content, a very expensive portion of the mineral, i.e has it 1%, 4% etc, this will have a big bearing on the price.
Protected mineral content, how much of the mineral if any is protected
What level of Vitamins are included
Feeding rate per head per day, i.e 100 grams, 150 grams etc
Magnesium Content, aim to have 25%, this is essential as an aid against milk fever

With all the above taken into consideration you can rest assured that Liffey Mills have you covered with our exclusive range of both Pre Calver Supreme and Pre Calver Elite minerals, both minerals boasting of maximum levels of Vitamins, Trace Minerals and Macro Minerals and all at an exceptionally palatable price. For more information contact your local Liffey Mills branch or technical sales advisor.

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