Pre Calving Minerals

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By Mark Flannery

One of the most important spends you will make between now and the end of the year is on Pre Calving Minerals. Liffey Mills have carved ourselves quite a reputation in the mineral market over the past number of years. Teaming up with our friends in Trouw Nutrition and their panel of experts, aligned with our on the ground experience and focusing on customer demands, we come to the fore with two leading pre calving minerals.
What separates us from many of our competitors is our maximum inclusion rates of Vitamins, Protected Minerals & Trace Elements coupled with our very palatable pricing structure for both minerals.
We are currently offering €50 per ton off both our PRE CALVER ELITE (RRP €1,250) & PRE CALVER SUPREME (RRP €1,050) whilst current stocks last. A full breakdown of our mineral range is listed very clearly below for your convenience. Your local technical sales advisor will be more than happy to discuss with you in more detail on any questions you might have.

Precalver Elite
Vit A iu/kg400,000500,000
 Vit D3 iu/kg100,000175,000
 Vit E mg/kg5,00010,000
Vit B12 mcg/kg1,0001,000
Vit B1 mg/kg400
Trace Minerals (mg/kg)
Total Copper (mg/kg)3,0003,000
Protected Copper (mg/kg)8001,500
Total Zinc (mg/kg)5,0005,000
Protected Zinc (mg/kg)1,0002,500
Manganese (mg/kg)2,0002,000
Iodine (mg/kg)500500
Cobalt (mg/kg)9999
Selenium (mg/kg)5050
Protected Selenium Yeast20
Macro Minerals
Calcium %
Phosphorous %4.04.0
Sodium %1311.7
Magnesium %2525
Feeding Rate100g100g
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