Aura Calf L 5kg


AuraCalf helps by improving intestinal gut health and reducing the need for antibiotics in the dairy livestock . This allows farmers to maximise the genetic potential and future productivity of their cattle livestock. AuraCalf helps to boost the health and performance of calf youngstock, thereby contributing to easier cattle herd management and more financial gain.

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During the initial phase, calves, lambs and goat kids depend on a liquid diet. Digestive enzymes utilise the valuable feed nutrients for their growth.

Using AuraCalf in young animal nutrition ensures a smooth transition from a liquid to a solid diet. At this stage, AuraCalf enables the calf to develop immunologically active compounds that improve the structure and functioning of a healthy digestive system.

Hence, AuraCalf creates a healthy gut microbiome. This supports a healthier and earlier development of the intestine and the rumen, for improved calf health and productivity.

Aura Calf L can be added to colostrum, whole milk & calf milk replacers

Instructions for Use:


Day 1-5 of life : 25-50ml/head/day

Day 6-weaning: 10-20ml/head/day



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