Calsea Precalver Mineral Block 15kg


Calsea Precalver blocks are rich in magnesium for stress control, rich in Chelated Copper, help to prepare for calving (easier delivery)

along with strengthening and aiding transfer of mother-calf immunity.

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Benefits of Calseaprecalver+

►► Inverted P/Ca ratio Calcium mobilisation

►► Supports immunity with Selenium and Vitamin E

►► Rich in trace elements for maintenance and foetal transfer

►► Sodium base for self-regulation

►► Calseagrit Biotech: ruminal activator

►► Rich in vitamins for easy calving and calf health

►► Rich in magnesium for stress control

►► Rich in Chelated Copper Why use Calseaprecalver+

►► Charging reserves for lactation

►► Preparation for calving (easier delivery)

►► Strengthening and transfer of mother-calf immunity

►► Improves Colostrum quality

►► Maintenance of the rumen function digestion and appetite

►► Individual Mineral Supplementation

►► Prevention of milk fever


Macronutrients Sodium 18% Magnesium 6.5% Phosphorus 5.5% Calcium 3.5% Vitamin (mg/kg) Vitamin A 300,000 Vitamin D 110,000 Vitamin E 2,000 Trace elements (mg/kg) Zinc 3,000 Copper 3,000 of which chelate 300 Manganese 1,000 Iodine 500 Cobalt 100 Selenium 50

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