Elvor Performance Milk Replacer 25Kg


Elvor Performance is a complete milk replacer for rearing calves containing 65% of dairy products. It contains a balanced amount of skim and whey proteins and boasts of an overall protein content of 25%. It also has a high fat content of 18.5%. Since bringing ELVOR to the Irish market Liffey Mills has reared over 150,000 calves, with this number anticipated to increase to over 200,000 for the coming season.

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Elvor Performance calf milk replacer allows high growth rates due to High Protein Content (25% Crude Protein). it is Produced with Skimmed Milk Powder and a Full range of Trace Elements. Use of high quality Dairy raw materials and Vitamins that suit perfectly with the needs of the calf and contains large amounts of dairy proteins which are highly digestible.

Whey based protein is a more common protein supplement produced by dehydrating whey, which is a liquid by-product of cheese production.

Balancing skim and whey content and ratios is very important, as a milk replacer with too much skim will result in calves remaining fuller for longer and as a result their appetites for concentrates and fibres will be suppressed, taking the calf’s rumen longer to develop.

Liffey Mills ELVOR PERFORMANCE also boasts of an overall protein content of 25%. It has high fat content of 18.5% which will drive the energy of the product. It has a very respectable ash content of 8.4% derived from high levels of vitamins and mineral inclusions, putting our feed label out there amongst the best on the market.

Elvor Milk Replacer Brochure

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Farmer Phil Talks About Elvor Milk Replacer

Liffey Mills Customer John Joe Doyle Talks about Elvor Milk Replacer



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