Green Valley Gold Sward Grass Seed


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Green Valley Gold Sward Grass Seed.

Dual purpose grass seed mix with a very close heading date spread.

Green Valley Gold Sward Grass Seed

Dual-purpose grass seed mix with a similar heading date spread.

  • A 55:45 diploid tetraploid grass seed mix.
  • Gold Sward  grass seed will result in a dense leafy sward suited to intensive animal production systems.
  • Mixture designed for an early graze, followed by a cut of silage in May/June and good grazing afterwards.

2.0kg Abergain(T)

3.0kg Gracehill(T)

2.0kg Aberchoice(D)

4.0kg Ballyvoy(D)

0.6kg Naked Clover

Also Available without Clover

11.6kg Bag

Note: Diploid (D) &Tetraploid (T) varieties are shown by the presence of the symbol after the variety name.


Key Features

Abergain (T):

  • The “top” most sought after grass seed variety and is a must in all grass seed mixes in intensive farming situations.
  • One of the top late heading tetraploids with a total score of €241 on the PPI.
  • Abergain is one the highest quality variety with excellent palatability for higher utilization of your swards.


  • Gracehill and Abergain both top late heading tetraploids with the same PPI of €241, will work hand in hand together.
  • Gracehill’s key feature is its excellent spring growth making it a great choice for early silage production and has been shown to particularly excel in autumn growth for grazing
  • With a score of 67 for silage, it is a must have variety in a one cut silage situation.


  • Top late heading diploid variety on the PPI with a score of €190.
  • Excellent mid-season growth to give top yields of grass after a cut of silage is taken.
  • One of the four late heading diploids that have a positive score for quality on the Teagasc PPI.


  • Top diploid variety with a score of 65 for spring growth.
  • Compliments Aberchoice in a mix.
  • Quality figure of +19 which ensures good graze outs in late season.

Naked Clover

  • High yielding, nitrogen fixing clover that scores well for persistence.


Liffey Mills Green Valley Grass Seed

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