Green Valley Silage Sward Grass Seed


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Green Valley Silage Sward Grass Seed mix. Silage mixture grass seed 60% Diploid and 40% Tetraploid.

Green Valley Silage Sward Grass Seed

Silage Sward  is a blend of 3 intermediate heading varieties that is formulated for an intensive silage grass situation.

  • This grass seed mix is used where the first cut silage is to be taken by mid-May and subsequent cuts afterwards.
  • All varieties have compact heading dates to ensure quality and dense swards for superb silage.

4.00 kg Aberclyde (T)

4.00 kg Aberwolf (D)

3.5 kg Aston Conqueror (T)

Also available with Clover

11.50 kg Bag

Key Features

Aberclyde (T):

  • The top variety on the Teagasc PPI at €253.
  • Consistent growth figures across the season which guarantees good yields in either a 2 or 3 cut silage system.
  • Excellent variety for grazing afterwards with 4 stars for grazing utilization.

Aberwolf (D):

  • A diploid variety to bolster persistency in a silage cutting situation.
  • Strong performer throughout the grass growing season which is essential in a silage seed mix.

Astonconqueror (D):

  • Intermediate heading diploid with a heading date of 27th of May.
  • Provide early yields for the 1st cut silage with a spring figure of €75.
  • It scores 4 stars for grazing utilization which will benefit grazing after silage is cut


Liffey Mills Green Valley Grass Seed

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