Green Valley Sward Maker Grass Seed


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Green Valley Sward Maker Grass Seed. Heavy Sward grass seed.

Green Valley Sward Maker Grass Seed

A blend of 70% Diploid varieties with 30% of the most sought-after Tetraploid variety for conditions that demand the best sward density.

  • A versatile general-purpose long-term  grass seed mixture suitable for grazing and/or cutting. Ensures good trafficability in difficult soil conditions.

3.5kg Aston Energy(T)

4.0kg Astonconqueror(D)

3.4kg Aston King(D)

0.6kg Naked Clover



Key Features

Aston Energy(T):

  • Variety that adds sugar to the grass seed mix.
  • One of the top varieties for Grazing Utilisation with a 5-star rating.
  • Excellent when partnered with Aston Conqueror with its seasonal growth.


  • Intermediate heading diploid with a heading date of 27th of May.
  • Exceptional spring growth with a grazing utilisation score of 4 stars.
  • Very good ground cover which will form a thick sward during the growing season.

Aston King (D):

  • Another diploid variety with very good ground cover.
  • Aston King is next to Astonconqueror in the diploid category in terms of grazing utilization and offers a great partner to it in a grass seed mixture.

Naked Clover:

  • High yielding, nitrogen fixing clover that scores well for persistence.


Liffey Mills Green Valley Grass Seed

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