Green Valley Sweet Sward Grass Seed


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Green Valley Sweet Sward Grass Seed.

Grazing grass seed.

Green Valley Sweet Sward Grass Seed

A carefully selected blend of exceptionally high D-Value grasses.

  • Delivering a highly palatable and nutritious sward for early spring right through to late autumn growth.
  • Specifically formulated for the farmer that has high output and stocking rate requirements.
  • Carefully formulated with high levels of tetraploids (63%) to enhance digestibility in a grazing situation

2.0 kg Abergain (T)

3.0 kg Aston Energy (T)

4.0kg Ballyvoy(D)

2.0 kg Ballintoy (T)

0.6kg Naked Clover

Also available without Clover

11.6 kg Bag

Key Features

Abergain (T):

  • A late heading Tetraploid with a heading date of June 4th.
  • It rates €241 per hectare on the PPI which ranks it in the top 2 of the table for the late heading varieties.
  • A variety with exceptional quality figure to give excellent grazing utilization.

Aston Energy (T):

  • Consistently one of the highest digestibility scores over the last number of years of the Teagasc PPI.
  • Teagasc research shows Aston Energy achieves the ‘lowest post grazing heights’ of any grass variety, hence the 5-star rating on the PPI for Teagasc Grazing Utilisation Traits.
  • Combined with Abergain, it’s unbeatable in a grazing situation.

Ballyvoy (T):

  • One of the top late diploids with an overall score of €186.
  • Will give a yield of grass in Spring which is vital in a specialized grazing sward.
  • Has a quality figure of +19 which ensures good graze outs in late season.

Ballintoy (T):

  • Late Heading tetraploid variety with a heading date of the 4th of June.
  • A tetraploid variety that boasts a 4-star rating on grazing utilization on PPI.
  • Works exceptionally well with Abergain in a mix as it has consistent growth throughout the whole season.

Naked Clover

High yielding, nitrogen fixing clover that scores well for persistence.



Liffey Mills Green Valley Grass Seed

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