Green Valley Tetra Sward Grass Seed


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Green Valley Tetra Sward Grass Seed.

Guaranteed to yield exceptional tons of utilizable feed throughout the whole grazing year.

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100% Tetraploid Mix with 1kg of Clover.
Chosen for the intensive grazing situation where the customer wants maximum digestibility in the sward.
Guaranteed to yield exceptional tons of utilizable feed throughout the whole grazing year.
Top 3 varieties for digestibility chosen for what we consider the most palatable grazing mix on the market.

4.5 kg Aston Energy (T)
4.5 kg Nashota (T)
2.0 kg Xenon (T)
1.0 kg Coolfin Clover

Aston Energy (T):
The most sought-after variety for Irish conditions.
Consistently one of the highest digestibility scores over the last number of years of the Teagasc PPI.
Teagasc research shows Aston Energy achieves the ‘lowest post grazing heights’ of any grass variety, hence the 5-star rating on the PPI for Teagasc
Grazing Utilisation Traits.
Excellent Spring, Summer & Autumn growth.
One of the best scores for ground cover at 6.0 of any tetraploids on DAFM Recommended list.
Top 3 of PPI for late heading tetraploids with a value of €214 per hectare and a 5-star rating for Grazing Utilization on the Teagasc PPI.
Another 5-star variety for Teagasc grazing utilization, complimenting the above two varieties.
Guaranteed to achieve good yields of digestible grass and ensures low residuals throughout the season.
Ground cover is excellent for a late tetraploid and the variety is persistent.
Coolfin Clover
Excellent annual yield, competing well with the accompanying grass. Well suited to grazing situations.


Liffey Mills Green Valley Grass Seed

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