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Calm Down is a 100% natural horse calming relaxant supplement comprising of Ascophyllum Nodosum and Lithothamnium which provides a formulated balance of vitamins and minerals. It is a natural approach to inducing a calm and serene mood without causing unwanted lethargy.

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Our unique macro algae processing technique has been designed to ensure Immun-Ocean Calm Down retains all the valuable nutrients found naturally in fresh Ascophyllum Nodosum.

Calm Down is a behavioural supplement that has been specially formulated for horses and ponies with highly strung temperaments. It is particularly beneficial to those that find themselves in stressful situations, whether it is travelling or competing.

For a more relaxed horse, Calm Down induces a calm and serene mood without causing unwanted lethargy. It is a natural horse calming supplement which helps reduce nervous tension with positive support for the brain.

It offers muscle support and helps enhance stamina and reduce over-excitement whilst supporting a healthy immune system.

Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed from the cold North Atlantic has been used for centuries as a natural source feed supplement, low in iodine and rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It is composed of 48 elements, 16 amino acids and 11 vitamins.

Lithothamnium Calcareum is a red algae belonging to the Corallinaceae family. It grows extremely slowly, giving it time to filter and absorb large quantities of sea nutrients. Lithothamnium provides a rich supply of minerals including 32 trace elements.

The macro algae is hand harvested in accordance with traditional and sustainable methods that have been used for centuries along the Atlantic coastline of Ireland.

Calm Down is specially formulated for nervous and excitable horses.

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