Liffey Mills Beef Boom

Liffey Mills Beef Boom. A 14% protein high energy Beef cube.

Liffey Mills Beef Boom. A 14% protein high energy cube designed for the individual who has stock that are capable of achieving good daily weight gains either on a grass or silage based diet. This cube focuses on quality, this is proven with the high inclusion of Barley and Maize catering for the energy requirements.Fibre sources include pulps and soya hulls with high quality ingredients such as Distillers Grain and Beans being used as protein sources. With the addition of Viandi, an innovative natural growth promoter based on essential oils and plant extracts that manage the micro flora in the animals rumen, increases average daily gains of between 8-14% and food conversion by 5%.Viandi is a proven enhancer and is exclusive to Liffey Mills and will be included along with full rate minerals as standard in this cube. Formulated to cater for animals from six months of age onwards this cube can also be used for finishing cattle.


Liffey Mills Animal Feed

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