Liffey Mills Beef Supreme ad-lib

Liffey Mills Beef Supreme ad-lib. Ad-Lib 14% Beef Ration

Liffey Mills Beef Supreme ad-lib is manufactured to meet the requirements of feeding in an ad-lib situation. It is a cereal based high energy 15% crude protein feed. Hi-pro Soya bean is the source of undegradable protein, which is vital for rapid muscle development. It contains up to 20% maize which is a key ingredient for achieving a good fat score with bulls under two years old. Beef Supreme also contains “OPTIGEST” which meets in full the animal’s major and minor element requirement s. With the inclusion of Optigest, it makes for an extremely safe feed, helping to avoid digestive upsets and ensuring cattle can be got onto high levels of feed over a very short period of time. Beef Supreme in our private trials have given average daily gains (over a120 cattle sample) of 1.92 kg per head per day, with individual animals gaining over 3 kg per head per day.


Liffey Mills Animal Feed

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