Liffey Mills Calf 20

Liffey Mills Calf 20. 20% calf starter ration

Liffey Mills Calf 20 has been described by some farmers as the Rolls Royce of calf rations.Calf 20 is a top quality starter ration suitable for calves from one week of age.

It’s packed with top quality ingredients such as Soya, Flaked Barley, Peas, Maize and yeast, the yeast contains Rumen Specific Live Yeast Levucell SC. Calves fed Levucell SC have accelerated and better rumen development leading to positive improvements in growth performance and health, both before and after weaning.

Minerals included in this ration are in the form of pellets to guarantee consistency of consumption and support good bone development. Calf 20 is generously coated with molasses resulting in a coarse non dusty palatable ration.

Calf 20 gives your calf the best possible start in life and is essential if you are aiming for early advanced growth.


Liffey Mills Animal Feed

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