Liffey Mills Calf Starter 18% Cube

Liffey Mills Calf Starter 18% Cube. 18 Calf starter cube

Liffey Mills Calf Starter 18% Cube. We have now extended our calf range to cater for those with a preference for cubes over ration. Like our Calf 18 ration our starter cube is also 18% protein boasting of Barley, Maize and Field Beans as the top ingredients. Our cube also contains LEVUCELL SC – Rumen Specific Live Yeast and to give this new Cube a leading edge we have included our Opti Thrive Calf mineral.

This mineral contains extra Vitamin B1, selenium, protected Copper and up to 5% phosphorus, all vital ingredients that support metabolism and growth and the additional Vitamin B1 helps prevent Cerebrocortical Necrosis (CCN), a condition that effects the Brain and can lead to permanent blindness and in some cases calf mortality. This cube can be fed as a starter feed right up to twelve weeks of age.


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