Liffey Mills Continental Beef Finisher

Liffey Mills Continental Beef Finisher. 15% Beef Finishing Ration

Liffey Mills Continental Beef Finisher. We have improved on a benchmark in quality beef finishing ration with Liffey Mills Continental Beef Finisher. We have added an Innovative Natural growth promoter VIANDI red, sourced in France, extensively trialled by the INRA (French State Agricultural Research Centre). It is based on essential oils and plant extracts that manage the micro flora in the animal’s rumen. It reduces lactic acid and sub acute acidosis caused by rations rich in cereals. It also reduces the degradation of starch in cereals in the rumen so it passes down into the gut where it is absorbed to better effect. It works best in high starch high cereal rations (lesser effect in rations under 20% starch) the higher the starch the more pronounced the effect. A multitude of trials point to increases in average daily gain of 8-14% and an improvement in food conversion of 5%. Performance in females is superior to males. Our Continental Beef ration also contains full rate minerals and vitamins, with the inclusion of Barley, Maize, Soya and Field Beans you are assured of a very coarse and palatable ration to give performance of the highest level.


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