Liffey Mills Ewe and Lamb Ration

Liffey Mills Ewe and Lamb Ration. 18% Ewe and Lamb ration

Liffey Mills Ewe and Lamb Ration. This is an 18% protein ration with very similar attributes to our sheep ration. Again only top quality ingredients are used, and a generous coating of molasses is used to give a highly palatable ration that will encourage milk production during the first three vital weeks of the lambs life.

This mix also contains Toasted Full Fat Soya, which is rich in both Oil and Protein, helping to keep up milk production early on in the lamb’s life.

This ration also includes Vitagest, and will ensure that the ewe gets adequate intakes of selenium and vitamin E, vital for lamb vigour and the reproductive cycle.


Liffey Mills Animal Feed

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