Liffey Mills Lamb Creep Pellets

Liffey Mills Lamb Creep Pellets. 18% Lamb Starter Cubes

Liffey Mills Lamb Creep Pellets. This is an 18% protein cube that has been mirrored off our very popular lamb creep ration. It has been designed for the farmer who has a preference towards cubes. A superior feed that caters for the developing rumen by allowing new born lambs to digest the feed easily. This feed is packed with only the best of ingredients including cooked barley, maize and soya, and a specially formulated intensive lamb mineral.

This mineral also contains ammonium chlorate and salt, helping aid against Urinary Calculi (stone in the kidney) a common problem found in young ram lambs. This cube can be fed as liberal as is required and is ideal for anyone with intensive production systems trying to push growth rates from an early age.

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