Liffey Mills Lamb Creep

Liffey Mills Lamb Creep is an 18% Lamb Started Ration.

Liffey Mills Lamb Creep is a top quality 18% protein ration specifically designed for the new born lamb. It is packed with high levels of cooked ingredients such as flaked maize, soya bean and barley which are easily digested in the lamb’s stomach, giving the opportunity for advanced and rapid early growth, ideal for intensive production systems.
This mix also contains a specialized pelleted intensive lamb mineral. The idea of the pellet is that the lamb will consume and utilize the mineral in full and so no waste will end up at the bottom of the trough.

Contents of the mineral include ammonium chlorate and salt, this helps to prevent Urinary Calculi, (stone in the kidney), a problem associated with young ram lambs.


Liffey Mills Animal Feed

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