Liffey Mills Lamb Fattener Cube

Liffey Mills Lamb Fattener Cube. 16% Lamb Fattener Cube

Liffey Mills Lamb Fattener Cube. This is a cube with very similar attributes to our ration but slightly lower in protein at 16%. The lower protein content allows for better feed conversion when finishing older lambs. Like all our sheep range this cube is packed with only top quality sources of energy, fibres and proteins and so allows this cube to be fed at generous levels speeding up the finishing process. Full rate minerals are included as standard with the addition of ammonium chlorate and salt in the premix, helping aid against Urinary Calculi (stone in the kidney), this can be a serious threat to young ram lambs and is caused when small stones form in the urinary tract and cause retention of urine, having the potential to rupture the urinary bladder.


Liffey Mills Animal Feed

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