Liffey Mills Opti – Creep Cube

Liffey Mills Opti – Creep Cube. 16% wealing Nut.

Liffey Mills Opti – Creep Cube. This cube is a new entrant to our premium range and can be compared to our weanling creep ration in terms of formulation and the performance it delivers. Again it boasts of Native Cereals for energy and Native Beans for proteins blended together with pulps to give sufficient fibre. This cube is in a league of its own and is ideal for those calves that need that extra push. It also includes our exclusive Opti Thrive Calf Mineral ensuring your calves reach their full potential with minimal issues. It is a 16% protein cube which is more than sufficient for calves when they hit grass and the addition of vitamin B1 provides a real insurance against Cerebrocortical Necrosis (CCN).


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