Liffey Mills Premier Dairy Cube

Liffey Mills Premier Dairy Cube. 18% protein mid energy cube.

Liffey Mills Premier Dairy Cube. An 18% protein mid energy cube specifically formulated for the moderate to high yielding herd being fed on good quality forage and/or grass. This cube is ideal for sustaining yields where herd health or body condition score is not an issue. it’s number one ingredient is barley which is а good source of palatable energy. it contains high levels of digestible fibres such as pulps and soya hulls and blended with competitive proteins like beans. This cube delivers а UFL value of 0.93 (as fed basis) or 1.07 (dry matter basis) also containing full rate minerals and al-mag as standard. This cube will play а definitive roll in many dairy enterprises throughout the lactating year.


Liffey Mills Animal Feed

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