Liffey Mills Wean N’ Rear Ration/Cube

Liffey Mills Wean N’ Rear Ration/Cube. 16% weaning ration/nut for calves.

Liffey Mills Wean N’ Rear Ration/Cube is a completely new formulation designed by our in house nutritionists. It has a major role to play no matter what type of calves you are rearing. It can and should be used as a follow on from calf 18 most commonly at weaning stage and can be fed right up to one year of age. Like the Calf 18 it contains many native cooked ingredients and a top spec mineral ensuring continued growth and development and has a slightly lower protein of 16% balancing the calves overall daily protein intake. WEAN N’ REAR also contains LEVUCELL SC – Ruminant Specific Live Yeast.

Using LEVUCELL SC Rumen specific ensures young stock reach their growth targets while maintaining good rumen health. It also includes our exclusive Opti Thrive Calf Mineral ensuring your calves reach their full potential with minimal issues.

This product can also be purchased in CUBE form for your convenience.


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