Liffey Mills Weanling Creep Ration

Liffey Mills Weanling Creep Ration, Hi energy 16% weanling ration

Liffey Mills Weanling Creep Ration is designed for stronger calves generally on grass. It is a 16% protein ration high in energy, allowing your animals to thrive consistently and maintain daily live-weight gain even if grass supplies are in decline. With the inclusion of our Opti Thrive Calf Mineral Premix that contains extra Vitamin B1 to prevent CCN, Selenium, protected Copper and up to 5% Phosphorus you can be confident that calves should achieve target growth rates. The weanling creep unlike most others on the market is a partially cooked mix, containing Flaked Barley, Peas and Maize, leading to a crunchy coarse ration even the shyest eaters will take to.


Liffey Mills Animal Feed

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