Petsafe Wireless Fence Extra Receiver Collar


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Petsafe Wireless Fence Extra Receiver  Pet Collar. However, only one collar is provided with the initial start-up kit, so additional pets need their own collars. When the dog nears the boundary line, the collar will emit a warning noise. Should he attempt to cross the boundary, he will receive a startling but harmless static correction. The Petsafe Wireless Extra Fence Collar is fully customisable to match your pet’s temperament and is safe and very effective.

About Petsafe:
Every pet owner’s priority is to keep their pet safe and secure while at the same time giving them plenty of exercise and fresh air. Petsafe are pioneers in radio fence and control collars, providing a range of solutions to help you keep your pet within the boundaries of your property. They believe in first-class products that are easy to use and provide protection for your pet and peace of mind for you!

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