Rolly Claas Axion 950 XTrac Pedal Tractor


With the rolly X-Trac Premium Claas, we offer a high-quality and versatile vehicle that provides children with an unparalleled gaming experience. Equipped with numerous features and accessories, the rollyX-Trac Premium is not only a sturdy toy but also a real adventure vehicle.
Product number: 651092
Child size: 110 – 140
Age: 3 – 10

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Rolly X-Trac Premium Claas – The Ultimate Play Vehicle for Children Ages 3 to 10!

One of the outstanding features of the rolly X-Trac Premium Claas is the included rolly Trac Loader Premium, which is easy to attach and detach. This allows young drivers to playfully immerse themselves in the world of tractors. With integrated front fenders and a roll bar, the rolly X-Trac Premium Claas ensures the safety of young adventurers.
The adjustable seat in terms of length and height ensures that children of all ages can sit comfortably, while the hood can be opened to take a peek at the “inner workings” of the vehicle. Under the hood, there’s also a storage compartment for keeping small treasures.
The whisper-quiet tires of the rollyX-Trac Premium Claas ensure that adventures proceed quietly, and the chain tension is adjustable to extend the vehicle’s lifespan. The protected chain drive ensures safe use, while the optimized turning radius through axle pivot steering enhances the driving pleasure.
The rollyX-Trac Premium Claas features both front and rear couplings as well as a sturdy steering rod for attaching various accessories and attachments. This allows young adventurers to customize their vehicle to their liking and fully unleash their imagination.
Furthermore, the rollyX-Trac Premium Claas can be retrofitted with a variety of functional accessories to continuously expand the gaming experience and provide children with hours of fun.
With the rollyX-Trac Premium Claas, children can not only develop their motor skills but also nurture their creativity and imagination. This robust and versatile vehicle is sure to become the favorite companion of young adventurers, providing them with unforgettable moments full of fun and joy.



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