Rolly John Deere Tanker


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The Rolly Toys John Deere Water Tanker or Slurry Tanker is a large barrel trailer with twin axles. The tanker can be filled with tap water and then pumped out with the water sprayer up to a distance of 5m. The water can also be drained from the tanker using a water spreader at the rear of the tank. The slurry tanker is a fantastic pedal tractor accessory from Rolly Toys in Germany.

Includes Rolly Toys Water Pump.

Original John Deere decals and colours.

Twin axle tanker with fully operational and removable hose pump.

Open and close gate valve at rear of tanker.

Suitable for all sizes of Rolly Pedal Tractors.

Dimensions L98cms x W44cms x H62cms



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