Tracesure Cattle with Copper 20’s


The bolus provides consistent and constant supplementation of copper, iodine, selenium and cobalt. This is vitally important to the health and wellbeing for cattle as they can go through a number of stressful periods during the year. They need to have the correct balance and amount of nutrients to fend off disease and infection whilst supporting growth and performance. These boluses can be administered as a preventative measure or to rectify a known problem. This will provide up to 6 months supplementation.

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20 Pack

Tracesure Cattle Bolus is the ultimate trace element supplement for cows and cattle providing up to 6 months of minerals.

Boluses are designed to provide to grazing cattle that proportion of their dietary requirement of six trace elements and three vitamins not adequately supplied by grass, particularly iodine. The bolus lies in the reticulum at the forward base of the rumen and slowly dissolves from a constant surface area, thus providing a continuous supply of trace elements and vitamins to the animal for approximately 6 months. The boluses dissolve completely, leaving no residue in the rumen.


AllSure Boluses should be administered orally. Use a suitable dosing gun to put 2 boluses into the back of the mouth at the same time.  Take care during administration to avoid injury to the mouth and pharynx. Always ensure the animal swallows the boluses.


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