Protected Urea

Protected Urea

By Jack Doherty

Protected Urea has been talked about for some time now, and has been trialled and tested on Irish soil for many years – with good success. Per unit of Nitrogen, Protected urea continues to be much better value than traditional CAN products and in doing so reducing amount of greenhouse gases being emitted to the atmosphere from the Agriculture sector. We at Liffey Mills supply our customers with Protected Urea with different modes of action. We stock NPBT plus NPPT protected urea, Limus as well as new approved by DAFM, Nutripshere.


NutriSphere: New for 2023 through the Gouldings GEN range, this finally offers farmers protected urea in compound form reliabily including Phosphorus and Protected Urea. It is registered in the EU as a urease inhibitor. Nutrisphere sequesters nickel which in turn, de-activates the urease enzyme. The treatment is of organic orgin, being derived from Strach in Maize and being broken down in the soil as a simple carbohydrate. It has a shelf life of 2 years, is consistent its yield potential versus CAN products and significantly reduces ammonia volatilisation.


Limus: Most of us are familiar with the NBPT protected urea, Limus combines both NBPT and NPPT. Urease enzymes bind to urea and convert it to ammonuim. This creates a pH spike and ammonia gas is often lost. Urease inhibitors temporarily block urease enzymes giving time for the urea to move into the soil, buffering the pH spike and minimising losses. This can Agromicily equal CAN in terms of crop yields with just a fraction of the Greenhouse Gas emissions. We stock a wide range of Protected Urea products for every crop and season, be sure to contact your local Liffeys Techincal Sales Advisor to find out more.

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