Reap the yield and quality benefits of dock-free silage

Reap the yield and quality benefits of dock-free silage

by Mark Flannery

With continuing pressure on incomes in farming, maximising output from grass and silage is now more important than ever.

Docks severely damage yield and quality of grazing and silage swards.  In first cut silage, even a moderate infestation of docks will cut dry matter yields by at least a tonne/acre and significantly impair quality.  In baled silage, dock stems play havoc with the film, leading to substantial wastage.

With many crops closed now, for an early silage cut there is now a real opportunity to plan an application of DoxstarPro and get rid of the docks before the silage is cut.

The ideal time to spray is two to four weeks after nitrogen is applied when docks are actively growing and are 15-25cm (6-10in) high or across and before a seed head begins to emerge.  This is called the rosette stage.

The key requirement is to wait for a minimum of three weeks after DoxstarPro is applied before harvesting the silage.  This ensures that the chemicals get fully translocated down to the roots, a vital factor in achieving long-term control.

Unlike hormone and dicamba-based products, DoxstarPro does not affect grass growth.

Contact your local Liffey Mills rep for any further information.

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