Red Clover and Multi Species pasture Grant Aid

DAFM have introduced a Red Clover Silage Measure for 2023 offering farmers €300 per Hectare for sowing Red Clover – Grass mixture at a rate of 30kg per Hectare before July 15th 2023. This can be applied for with your BISS application. The benefits include;

  1. Improved protein content of silage
  2. No chemical nitrogen needed on the sward, potential to fix 200kg N/ha from the atmosphere.
  3. Outstanding yield and quality, ability to yield beyond 14ton DM/ha.
  4. Increased Animal Dry Matter intakes.

A twin scheme is also in place for Multi Species swards. Please contact your local Liffey Mills advisor for more advice.


Contact your local Liffey Mills rep for any further information.

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