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A carefully blended mixture containing predominantly Diploid varieties.

  • Caters for the livestock farmer aiming for at least two quality silage cuts in the season.
  • All varieties have compact heading dates to ensure quality and dense swards for superb silage.
  • The addition of Clover is also available for those in derogation if required.
    • 4.50 kg Aberclyde (T)
    • 3.0kg Abermagic (D)
    • 4.00 kg Aberwolf (D)
    • 11.50 kg Bag
    • Also available with Clover

Key Features

Aberclyde (T)

  • An intermediate tetraploid with a heading date of the 25th May.
  • Highest variety on the Teagasc PPI at €205.


  • A Diploid variety with a heading date of the 28th of May.
  • Listed as one of the highest yielding varieties delivering summer values of €45/ha and autumn values of €70/ha, with the ability to provide dense covers for bulky quality silage.
  • Compliments Aberwolf in a multiple silage cut mix.

Aberwolf (D)

  • An intermediate diploid perennial ryegrass.
  • It has an unrivalled combination of grazing yield, conservation yield, extended season performance and quality (D value).
  • Aberwolf is a very strong performer throughout the grass growing season.

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