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A blend of 80% Diploid varieties with 20% of the most sought after Tetraploid variety Aston Energy for conditions that demand the best sward density.

  • It is specifically formulated for that ground that needs good ground cover where poaching can cause problems.
    • 4.4 kg Oakpark (D)
    • 4.0kg Astonconqueror (D)
    • 2.5kg Aston Energy (T)
    • 0.6kg Naked Crusader White Clover

Key Features

Oakpark (D)

  • Established in 2019 by Teagasc.
  • It’s rated 3rd highest of any late diploid on the PPI.
  • Excellent seasonal growth, it has the highest score for silage yield of any late diploid.
  • Highest late heading diploid for ground cover, which is essential in this particular mixture.

Astonconqueror (D)

  • A late heading intermediate diploid variety with a heading date of 27th May.
  • Exceptional spring growth with a grazing utilisation score of 4 stars.
  • Very good ground cover which will form a thick sward during the growing season.

Aston Energy (T)

  • One of the most sought after late heading Tetraploid Variety on the DAFM list.
  • One of the top 3 varieties for Grazing Utilisation with a 5-star rating.
  • Excellent when partnered with Aston Conqueror with its seasonal growth.

Naked Crusader White Clover

  • Crusader is the best clover for these challenging soils that can tolerate tight grazing.

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