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A carefully selected blend of exceptionally high D-Value grasses.

  • Delivering a highly palatable and nutritious sward for early spring right through to late autumn growth.
  • Specifically formulated for the farmer that has high output and stocking rate requirements.
  • Contains 63% of late heading tetraploid varieties, chosen for their palatability in a grazing situation.
    • 4.0 kg Abergain (T)
    • 4.0 kg Aberchoice (D)
    • 3.0 kg Aston Energy (T)
    • 1.0kg Pelleted White Clover Blend
    • Also available without Clover

Key Features

Abergain (T)

  • A late heading Tetraploid with a heading date of June 4th.
  • It rates €212 per hectare on the PPI which ranks it in the top 2 of the table for the late heading varieties.
  • A digestibility score of €52 per hectare ranks it top with regards to quality.

Aberchoice (D)

  • Late heading Diploid variety, with a heading date of June 11th. 
  • A high digestibility score of €43 per hectare will ensure a full cleanout of paddocks post grazing.
  • Boasts an overall PPI of €182 per hectare for 2021.

Aston Energy (T)

  • Ranking as the 2nd highest grass variety on PPI for digestibility.
  • Teagasc research shows Aston Energy achieves the ‘lowest post grazing heights’ of any grass variety, hence the 5-star rating on the PPI for Teagasc Grazing Utilisation Traits.
  • Combined with Abergain and Aberchoice, it’s unbeatable in a grazing situation.

Pelleted White Clover Blend

  • A blend of high yielding, nitrogen tolerant clovers that all score well for persistence.

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